NMPA believes that Certification provides its members with a method to highlight their efforts to meet or exceed industry standards of professional propeller repair, sales and customer service. It also offers the boating public a basis for evaluating their service provider.

NMPA offers several levels of certification to promote quality and professionalism in the propeller business.  Aluminum, Stainless and Inboard propeller repair are the three certifications currently offered.   Certifications are developed and administered by the NMPA Certification Committee.

Certification requires both written and practical tests to establish the knowledge level and competency of the propeller repair professional. An 80% or higher score is required on the written exams before taking the practical exam. The practical exam is a pass or fail test. You MUST repair the damaged injected propeller to match the master blade geometry (to within acceptable variance) to pass the test. Certifications are progressive, which means you must first hold your Aluminum Certification to sit for your Stainless Steel, and both Aluminum and Stainless Steel Certifications are required to test for your Inboard Propeller Certification.

NMPA certification mean that you have made a commitment to  propeller repair work that will be undertaken according to industry standards, shop management is committed to a professional code of conduct, the repair professional has received the necessary technical training for the products they sell and service, that business is willing to stand behind its workmanship, the products it sells, and  is committed to customer satisfaction.