Dubuque, IA – October 13, 2016 – Linden Propeller Co., designers and developers of the Prop Press 360 and Prop Press 500, which are among the most innovative hydraulic propeller repair machines in use in today’s modern propeller repair shops, announced today it will showcase a new piece of equipment to improve propeller measurement and scanning for efficient, repeatable and effective repair of damaged propellers at the 2016 National Marine Propeller Association Annual Convention taking place November 10 – 12, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Digital Data Scan Arm is designed to work with the Prop Press 360 and 500, as well as many other manual straightening tables. Based on the most recent version of ISO 484 standards, DDS uses specially developed proprietary custom software developed by HydroComp Inc., for Linden Propeller Company. HydroComp, Inc. is a leading international propeller and propulsion software and technical consulting company located in Durham, New Hampshire (www.hydrocompinc.com).

“We are proud to be leading the way in developing new tooling for the propeller repair industry,” said Gary Linden, founder and owner of Linden Propeller Company. “Our industry desperately needs innovation and I’m unveiling this new product at the National Marine Propeller Association’s Annual Convention in Las Vegas this year because I’m proud to be a member of the NMPA and I know the work they’re doing in leading the way to promote professionalism, develop standards and create best practice guidelines for propeller repair.” He added, “The Digital Data Scan Arm will be a tool professional propeller repairers will appreciate.”

During the Convention the new Scan Arm – Digital Data Scan will be on display at the Linden Propeller Booth and Gary Linden is scheduled to present a session highlighting the new tool, its features, and how it addresses the current needs and issues faced by professional propeller repairers on Saturday November 12, 2016.

About NMPA
NMPA is a not-for-profit marine trade association with member companies engaged in the business of propeller repair, or providing products and services to the propeller repair industry. Founded in 1992, the association promotes professionalism through training and certification,fosters growth through business development via events such as its Annual Convention, and generally represents the business interests of its members.

About Linden Propellers
Founded in 1983 by Gary Linden, Linden Propeller is a full service and stocking dealer/ distributor for all propellers, regardless of size and make. Located on the shores of the mighty Mississippi, Linden Propeller is certified by the National Marine Propeller Association and is proud of its reputation for high quality repair and personal customer service. Linden Propellers are the developers of the innovative Prop Press 360 and Prop Press 500 propeller scanners.